Car and truck shocks, struts, and spring repairs and replacements


Replacing shocks, struts, and springs on a vehicle is a job that requires mechanical knowledge and the proper tools. Generally speaking when REDI Mobile Auto Repair comes out for this here is what we do.


Raise the vehicle and place it on jack stands.


Remove the wheel from the hub.


Remove the old shocks, struts, and springs: Depending on your vehicle, we may need to remove other components like the brake caliper and rotor to access the suspension components.


Once we have access we remove the old shocks, struts, and springs etc.


We install the new shocks, struts, and springs making sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and torque specifications for all bolts.


Once we have sucesfully installed the new components we test for proper install and then we put the wheels back on the hub and tighten lug nuts.


After we lower the vehicle we further test the suspension by bouncing the vehicle up and down and checking for any unusual sounds or movements.


Note that the specific steps for replacing shocks, struts, and springs can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.